About PF Women

Our Mission

PF Women exists to help women of every generation thrive and reach their full potential through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Our Vision

To create a movement of women that will change the world through the innovative power of the Holy Spirit.


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Our Leadership Team Values

We value The Holy Spirit.

The spirit of God is the secret sauce of PF Women. We do not downplay or in any way cast aside the presence, power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, including the gifts of the spirit in operation according to I Corinthians 12 . Acts 1:8 says that we will receive power when the Holy Ghost comes upon us and we will be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and to the uttermost parts of the earth. God’s desire is to use PF Women to reach Peninsular Florida and the ends of the earth for His glory and that will not happen without honoring the Holy Spirit. Everything PF Women does is saturated in worship, fasting and prayer.

We value the extra mile.

One of our team mantras is, “Just because it’s easier for us doesn’t mean it’s better for them.” With everything from our registration procedures to our schedules, we structure it around the user-friendliness for those we serve. We believe the only reason anyone is ever given a leadership position is to help people, and we stand ready to do that.

We value excellence.

We are an oasis of excellence. Our full time staff and volunteers must meet the requirements set forth by the district office, but from there, our team is required to exceed those standards in many specific ways. (As just one example, all communication that comes in to PF Women in any form is required to be answered within 24 hours.)

We value leadership development.

Everything rises and falls on leadership, so we spend the majority of our time developing leaders. All of our team meetings consist of a minimum of 50% leadership development and we prioritize investing in leaders in all we do. In Pioneering Movements: Leadership That Multiplies Disciples and Churches, author Steve Addison says, “If you exhort your people without training them, you’re setting them up for failure and guilt. You’re also creating a dependency relationship in which you, the professional, do the ministry on their behalf.”   We desire a healthy team that actually functions as such; therefore we place a premium on leadership training.

We value outstanding team meetings.

We create team meetings that are one-of-a-kind and something members can’t wait to get to.  We genuinely enjoy one another’s presence, and place great value on laughing and crying together and sharing all the aspects of our lives. One of characteristics of our team is that we create meetings that members are devastated to have to miss, because of the value the time we spend together brings to their life. When someone cries that they have to miss a meeting, we consider that a win.

We value financial integrity.

We believe that wild financial success can and does happen without coercion, shaming, or twisting scripture. We believe that the more integrity an organization has in raising funds, the more successful they will ultimately be long term. We are committed to impeccable financial stewardship. We believe God doesn’t call us to give what we don’t have, but what we do. PF Women never over-extends ourselves by giving something we do not possess, and every penny is not only accounted for but well prioritized in budgeting by our staff.

We value diversity.

We intentionally structure our team to include people with varying ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures and ways of thinking. We believe all of us are smarter than one of us and we have no interest in creating a team of clones.

We value teamwork.

We believe in the concept of teams not as a theory but in practice. One of our values is that people work with us, not for us – at every level within the movement. Although there is a director of PF Women, in practice everything is intentionally led by a plurality of leaders.

We value graciousness.

We believe there is nothing we ever have to do as leaders that can’t and shouldn’t be done with a gracious spirit. Even when we have to make the tough calls or confrontations, we do it with grace.

We value processing relationship before task.

We love our team members deeply; caring about every aspect of their lives, realizing what is happening overall affects not only the individual but the team. We give permission to speak into each other’s lives, with the desire for each member to flourish to their full potential. Affirmation is one of the hallmarks of this team and we are one another’s greatest cheerleader.

We value innovation.

We are committed to creating things previously unheard of or not provided in ministry to women.

We value sacrifice.

We are all in! We believe anything can be accomplished by a team of sacrificing leaders with a pure heart and proper motivation.

We value feedback.

What is evaluated gets done. We believe the only way that people or organizations progress is through regular, transparent and constructive feedback. Evaluating a church, ministry or organization is scripturally founded. Among other evaluations, God evaluated six of his churches, looking for what they were doing well, or not so well, in the book of Revelation. Feedback in our ministry takes place through both anonymous and non-anonymous online surveys, executive committee in-depth evaluation and discussion and core team evaluation and discussion.

We value intentionality.

In all that we do we first ask, “Why?” and then we are careful to communicate the why first in all of our communication with followers.

We value the Kingdom.

At the heart of all we do is the question, “What is best for the team? For PF Women overall? We are committed to make difficult, selfless decisions that will set PF Women up to flourish for the glory of God and the good of the people.

PF Women Resources

We provide resources for women of every generation from a Pentecostal perspective.

Voices of our Movement Blog
Daily prayer online
Online Teaching

We provide Spirit-filled gatherings for women.

Thrive Conference
Stronger Conference
Summer Tour

We provide resources and connection for women who lead.

Stronger Leadership Podcast
Stronger Leadership Network Facebook Group
Stronger Leadership Conferences
Stronger Leadership Cohort
District Council Leadership Luncheon

We provide connection for women of every generation 24/7.


We support missions around the world.

Providing Household Goods for Pen Florida Missionaries
Multiple Yearly Special Missions Projects
Missions Trips

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