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Come To The Table

STRONGER is our annual Conference for women in leadership. There are three general sessions and over 30+ workshops. You are sure to experience leadership growth to thrive personally and professionally, so do not miss it!

Happening March 22nd – 23rd, 2024

Walk-in Registration:
$90 / Student – $50



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Keynote Speakers

Lisa Potter

Lisa Potter is a passionate leader of women who lead, a grace downloader, and a generational
bridge builder living out her passions through speaking, writing, worship, and mentoring the
next generation of female leaders. She loves family, making lasting friendship connections,
storytelling, decorating, and living out her life in a creative flow. As she speaks, Lisa uses her life
experiences to powerfully and transparently connect with her audience.

She is the author of The Collective Journey, an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God,
and the executive director for Potomac Ministry Network Women Who Lead. Lisa is a graduate
of Northpoint Bible College and the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary with a MA in
Leadership and Ministry. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in Spiritual Formation.

Lisa and her husband Frank live in Virginia, nestled between Washington D.C. and the beautiful
Shenandoah mountains with their golden retriever, Brady. The loves of her life are her family,
Lindsay, Brandon, Andrew, Allison, and granddaughter Charlotte.

Lisa Potter

Location Information

Our Venue

ARISE Brandon
401 Pauls Dr.
Brandon, FL 33511

Conference Schedule

Thursday, March 21, 2024

  • 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm: Women in Ministry Dinner
    • (Family Ministries Center) (Ticketed, Pre-Registered Event)

Friday, March 22, 2024

  • 8:00 am: Registration Opens
    • Gift Giveaway at Start of each Session
  • 9:30 am – 12:00 pm: Main Session 1
    • (Boutique & Booths Closed)
    • Immediately following Main Session 1, Deanna will host a book signing at her book table. 
  • 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm: Lunch
  • 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm: 5 x 10 Session
    • (Boutique & Booths Closed)
  • 2:45 pm – 3:30 pm: Workshop 1
  • 3:45 pm – 4:30 pm: Workshop 2
  • 4:30 pm – 6:45 pm: Dinner Break
    • Gift Giveaway at Start of each Session
  • 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm: Main Session 2
    • (Boutique & Booths closed)

Saturday, March 23, 2024

  • 9:00 am – 10:00 am: 5 x 10 Session
    • (Boutique & Booths closed)
  • 10:00 am – 10:30 am: Break
    • Gift Giveaway at Start of each Session
  • 10:30 am – 12:30 pm: Main Session 3
    • (Boutique & Booths closed)
Stronger Speakers

10 x 10 Sessions

What Purity Culture Gets Wrong—And How to Make It Right - Lindsey Croston
What are the areas of misinformation taught to us by the purity culture? How do we rightly evaluate and correct errors to better explain what the Bible teaches? Lindsey Croston unpacks the misconceptions and sets the listener free from unbiblical and unhealthy concepts in this session.
Does My Calling Require a Ring? - Andie Cotignola
Do we need to be married in order to walk in our divine calling? Is having a husband a necessary step in walking in obedience to God’s will? Andie has wrestled with these questions and is ready to share the truth of God’s Word.
Don ’t Become Rotting Fruit: Knowing When to Stay and When to Go - Tara Boddie
Have ever stayed somewhere too long? Have you resisted changing jobs, ministries or other roles you have held due to fear or anxiety? Tara will share the dangers of overstaying, and the tools to use to know when it is time to go.
If Not Now, Then When? - Ashleigh Mayfield
Many dreams lie unfulfilled not due to lack of ability, but due to lack of action. Ashleigh will share tools to help us to move forward with our God-dream with confidence!
Leading Well When Your Leaders Aren't For You - Michelle Gonzalez Torres
We all assume that our leaders are cheering for our success, but what if they aren’t? How do we lead when our leaders aren’t really for us? Michelle will give us insight on how to be a competent, confident, and successful leader, even when faced with a lack of support or opposition.
Ministry in the Social Media Age - Gabrielle Santiago
Social media has changed the way we live, work and connect. It has also radically changed the way we do ministry. In this session, Gabrielle will share how social media is a tool to reach this generation, and how to implement it well.
The Burden Women Weren't Meant to Carry - Camryn Cotignola
Being a Christian woman has its own unique challenges, but are there burden placed upon us that God never intended? Cami will identify and challenge some of these burdens so we can learn to walk in freedom.
The Worship-Driven Leader - Marissa Nelson
We all know that worship is important, but does it drive us? Marissa will unpack what it means to be a worship-driven leader, and how to make this your goal, whether you are musical or not.
The Unlikely Leader - Ada Simpson
Have you ever been told that you are too much or too little? Has anyone asked you why you were given an opportunity to lead? Pastor Ada will give us tools to walk in confidence, even as the one who is considered unlikely.
Where is My Tribe? Why Do I Feel Disconnected? - Judi Cotignola
Leadership can be lonely at times, but we were not created to live disconnected lives. Judi will point out some ways that we may have isolated ourselves, and how to get and stay connected.


Building Blocks to the Next Level of Leadership - Becky Manassa (Loft, 2:45pm)

Some leaders seem to just get it right when it comes to developing competent, strong leaders. Are these leaders extraordinarily gifted, or are there tools to help each of us to build phenomenal leaders? Join Becky as she gives us the building blocks of building the next generation of leaders.

Developing a Multi-Generational Ministry with Excellence - Sheri Hawley (Kids’ Street, 2:45pm)
Building a multi-generational team is a hot discussion topic right now, and it is also necessary if we want to have a future and legacy. How do we incorporate all ages and generations into a cohesive team? Join Sheri as she gives the tips and tricks to building a multi-generational ministry team with excellence.
Developing a Thriving Mentoring Ministry - Shay Cole (AK 203, 3:45pm)
The Bible emphasizes the importance of mentorship and the development of new leaders. Shay has developed a structured mentoring program that exponentially creates leaders for the church, business or ministry. In this session, she will teach you to adapt this to your context.
Don't Let Anyone look Down on You - Macy Pickeral (AK 203, 2:45pm)
Have you ever been told that you are too young, too inexperienced, or not ready to do what you know you are called to do? Paul tells his mentee, Timothy, to not let anyone look down on him because he is young, but to set an example for all believers by the way he lives. Join Macy as she shares ways to walk in confidence in your calling, no matter how old you are!
Don't Let Go of Your Dreams! - Jesten Peters (AK 201, 2:45pm)
Do you feel like you’re too old, or it’s too late? If this has been rolling through your mind, THIS is the workshop for you. Jesten knows how if feels to be held back by feelings of inferiority and circumstances, and she is a testament to God’s amazing power! Come hear her story and be encouraged to never let go of your dreams!
Everything You Need to Know About Writing a Book and the Publishing Industry - Deanna Shrodes (Legacy Room, 3:45pm)
Do you have the dream to write a book but have no idea where to begin or what to expect? Deanna has written books on all levels. She has self-published, served as a contributing writer to several books, and received a contract for a book deal from a major publisher. In this workshop, she’s going to give you the tricks of the trade when it comes to the world of writing and book publishing.
Full-Time Excellence in Ministry with Part-Time Employment - Hayley Judah (AK 201, 3:45pm)
So many leaders are bi-vocational, working a job outside of the church as well as leading church ministry, and this situation brings its own unique challenges. Join Hayley as she teaches how to give full-time excellence to a part-time assignment, and not burn out in the process!
Holy Spirit Empowered Ministry - Bev Evans (AK 202, 3:45pm)
No matter how skilled we are at our job and ministry, if the Holy Spirit is not leading the way, our endeavors will fall flat. Bev Evans will teach us how to keep the Holy Spirit as the main voice and focus of all our work, and flow in His anointing.
Juggling Ministry, Marriage & Motherhood - Erica Emmanuel (Legacy Room, 2:45pm)
Have you ever looked at a leader and thought, “How does she do it all?” Join Erica as she teaches us how to juggle all of the ministry responsibilities while being married and with young children at home—and not lose yourself in the process.
Leadership Grit - Stephanie Harrison (AK 200, 2:45pm)
Grit is defined as passion and perseverance directed toward long-term goals. What does it mean to have grit in leadership? How do we keep our passion in the midst of setbacks, attacks, disappointments and failures? Join Stephanie as she talks about how to develop and keep your leadership grit.
Leading Well as You Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow - Jan McIntyre (AK 200, 3:45pm)
No leader is without challenges, but what do you do when crisis hits and it seems as if your world is falling apart? How do you keep moving forward? Join Jan as she talks about leading well in the midst of the overwhelming.
Next Level Investment in the Next Generation of Leaders - Shelby Hardy (A-Team Room, 2:45pm)
Mentorship is God’s design for discipling and leading. Effective leadership demands pouring into the generation if your church, ministry or business is to continue in the future. Join Shelby as she gives you tools to better connect and mentor the generations to the next level.
No Folding Chair Required: Taking Your Place at the Table - Dianna Walston (Kids’ Street, 3:45pm)
Recently, there was meme online that encouraged people to bring a folding chair to a leadership table that didn’t have a seat for them. Is this the best way? How can we walk out the calling God has placed on our lives, and not try to strongarm our way to places we are not wanted? There has to be a better way! Join Dianna as she talks about finding your place, and not waiting for someone to open a seat at their table.
One Cup of Coffee at a Time (Next Level Ministry for the People in Your Care) - Linda Klippenstein (Loft, 3:45pm)
Truly effective leaders are lovers of people. How can we show those we lead that we love them and care about their lives? Come and learn from Linda Klippenstein, who is one of the best leaders at doing this.
Pastor's Wives: Not Just Surviving....Thriving! - Jennifer Spivey (Mission Room, 2:45pm)
Jennifer is passionate about being a Pastor’s Wife, and she wants to share this with others. Whether you are new to this role or have been serving for decades, God has more for you than just survival. Come and be encouraged to maximize your role for God’s glory.
Self-Leadership - Meredith James (Main Sanctuary, 2:45pm)
Self-leadership is a topic of many books, podcasts and teachings, but few people truly understand what it is. In this session, Meredith breaks it down.
Turning the Page: When You have to Start Over in Ministry and Leadership - Sheila Cornea (Upper Room, 3:45pm)
Sometimes plans change without notice or expectation, even ministry and leadership. How do you pivot and finish the ending season well, and prepare for the season to come? Join Sheila as she gives the tips and tools to start over with hope and integrity.
Using Your Story for God's Glory - Julie Seals (Upper Room, 2:45pm)
Everyone has a story, a testimony of God’s goodness in their life, but few people know how to articulate it well to reach others for God’s glory. Join Julie as she shares how to use your personal story to bring others to Christ, and to embrace your testimony without shame.
Waiting on God's Timing - Shamya Tolbert (AK 202, 2:45pm)
Do you ever feel like God’s timing is much different than yours? Have you been waiting for the fulfillment of a promise for so long that it now seems impossible? Shamya knows first-hand what it requires to wait with integrity, patience and grace, and wants to share what she has learned with you. Her story has a plot twist that you don’t want to miss!
Where is My Seat at the Table? (Becoming Part of a Multi-Generational Team) - Julianne Rosekelly (A-Team Room, 3:45pm)
At times it is hard to wait for a seat at the table, and in some cases once you get there it’s still a challenge to find your way in working with a multi-generational team. What are the tricks to the trade of doing this without breaking down or burning out? Julianne is wise beyond her years and gives counsel on this in her workshop.
Widows Roundtable - Bonnie Olsen (Mission Room, 3:45pm)
If you are a widow, you are invited to join this roundtable and make connections with ladies walking the same road. This will be a time of encouragement and support.
Your Life is a Tree of Possibilities: Discover How to Express Your Purpose in Every Season of Life - Tina Blount (Main Sanctuary, 3:45pm)
In every season there are many possibilities for our lives, but sometimes we have a hard time identifying what those possibilities are. Tina’s experience as a Life Coach, Job Coach and Pastor gives her unique qualifications to help us discover the beauty in the season we are in, and how we can maximize our giftings for God’s glory.

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