Encouraging Blogs

“Simple Things” by Rev. Shellie Bowdoin

The past two years have definitely been learning times for a lot of us. We’ve all known the disappointment of canceled plans and the absence of life events that we just took for granted years before. And, if truth be told, a lot of us discovered that we were really...

“Verse of the Day” by Pastor Jennifer Spivey

I’m not really a “verse of the day” type of person.  Don’t misunderstand – I’m not against the “verse of the day”, they’re great. I’m definitely a “read the Bible every day” type of person, and I’m not judging anyone who loves a “verse of the day”.  You can hear from...

“Life Speakers” by Pastor Ressie Morgan

Is it just me or is there a sense of peace beyond compare that floods the depths of a women’s soul when the dishes are clean and put away from dinner, the kids trail of belongings left behind from school return to their rightful places, and you’re able to catch up on...

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