Women from across the state of Florida gather several times a year and experience life transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit. Mark the dates of these events on your calendar and plan to join us!

Virtual Conference- April 23rd and 24th, 2020

PF Women and the Stronger Leadership Network are hosting a Virtual Leadership Conference on Facebook. And it’s FREE! It’s open to everyone so be sure to spread the word. It will encourage you and equip you to become a greater leader! We can’t wait to give you this resource. Don’t miss it!


THRIVE is the weekend of the year designed for all generations of women to come together and worship God, hear life changing messages, and be ministered to personally. Held yearly in the month of October, THRIVE is the event that you want to attend with EVERY woman and teen girl that you know! There are breakout sessions for women in ministry, teen girls, young adult women, and more!

(Registration Required for this Event.)


STRONGER is the conference for women in leadership. This is a place where every female leader can come and attend this two day, workshop intensive conference. There are three general sessions and approximately 20 different workshops annually designed to empower current leaders and build up and coming leaders. This event is held annually in March in central Florida.

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District Council Luncheon

The PF Women Luncheon is held annually at Pen Florida District Council, it is a place for all district ministers, to come together and have meaningful fellowship over lunch. There is always a great time of ministry accompanied happening at the PF Women luncheon.

(Registration Required for this Event.)

Summer Tour

The Summer Tour is a time where our director, Deanna Shrodes, visits every section in our District for a powerful time of worship, preaching and altar ministry with many women reached and changed for the glory of God. Do not miss this event when it comes to your area! And, it’s FREE!