PF Women and the Stronger Leadership Network hosted a Virtual Leadership Conference on Facebook that streamed on April 23rd and 24th 2020. If you missed it, that’s OK! We are leaving this FREE resource up to encourage and equip you to become a greater leader!

Live Conference Booklet

Video Teachings:

Getting Out of a Financial Mess
Teaching Notes: Getting Out of a Financial Mess
Conflict Resolution: Extreme Makeover-Transforming the Ugly into Beautiful!
Teaching Notes: Conflict Resolutions
New Wineskins for New Wine
Teaching Notes: New Wineskins for New Wine
Unwavering Confidence
Walking With Faith Through Transition
Teaching Notes: Transitions
Brave Women Are Worshippers, Wailers & Warriors!
The Inner Circle that Makes YOU a Great Leader
Teaching Notes: The Inner Circle
Questions & Answers
Let it Go: Get Free, Live Free
Teaching Notes: Four Steps to SOAR
In Times Like This: Navigating Well at Every Age and Stage