STRONGER 2018 Workshop Lineup


Writer’s Track:

  • So You Want to Write a Book

  • How to Break Into the Publishing World

  • How to Sharpen Your Writing Craft

  • Getting Your Article Idea Published

Leading in Ministry:

  • Leading a Team of Men

  • Ministry for the Long Haul

  • The Leader and Hard Conversations

  • How to Lead in the Face of Criticism

  • Bringing a Message that Gets a Response

  • Oh No, Sink Hole! Caring Without Crashing

Leading in the Marketplace:

  • The Top 5 Things I’ve Learned Since Owning My Own Business

  • Thriving in the Corporate Culture

  • Venturing Out Into the Unknown as a Leader

  • What Matters At Three in the Morning

  • Technology & Spirituality

  • Let’s Go Places! (Recruiting Leaders to Fulfill Your Vision)

Leading Myself

  • Selfcare is Not Selfish

  • How to Get “Unstuck”

  • Shake Off Those Grave Clothes: Overcoming Every Obstacle in Your Life to Fulfill Your Destiny

  • Discovering Your Calling

  • Healthy Relationships From the Inside Out

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