(Announced July 12, 2020)

We have been asked by a few people about Covid-19 Guidelines for this year’s Thrive Conference. Please know that I share your concerns and feel the weight of this responsibility heavily. At the current time, the Hilton Oceanfront Resort as well as the Ocean Center Arena are open for business, and we are pressing on, expectantly for Thrive 2020.

Thrive is three months away at the time of this announcement and updates from the government regarding the situation occur on a regular basis. Therefore, these are the current guidelines, subject to change.

We are sharing the current guidelines for the Ocean Center Arena where the Thrive Conference is held. Anyone who has any Covid-19 symptoms will be asked to refrain from entering the facility.  Currently,social distancing is the main guideline the Ocean Center abides by. Seating for attendees is socially distanced. Floor seating is six feet apart and seats in the risers have three seats blocked off between them, in addition to every other row blocked off. Family groups or groups which are attending together may sit together. To fit more attendees, the stage is moved further back than originally planned.

All Ocean Center staff get their temperatures checked before each shift and all staff wear masks.  The city of Daytona Beach has a mask mandate, so attendees will need to wear one outside the arena as long as the mandate lasts. The Ocean Center does not currently have a mask mandate, however if Covid statistics are still high in three months, we will strongly urge each attender to wear a mask or face covering while inside the facility. 

During the event, sanitizing high traffic areas and chairs will be a top priority for Ocean Center staff. They will also have hand sanitizer stations throughout the occupied areas.

At this time, no food is served in the Ocean Center, but that could also change in three months’ time if there is improvement in the situation.

The PF Women team and the Ocean Center Staff will take all reasonable precautions, and move forward in faith. We are anticipating the amazing things that God will do at Thrive 2020. Our leadership team will continue to discuss safety procedures and how to best protect our Thrive attendees. We ask you to pray, and we will keep you posted.

We love you; we are praying for you and we can’t wait to see you at Thrive!! 

Deanna Shrodes

Director of PF Women

THRIVE is the weekend of the year designed for all generations of women to come together and worship God, hear life changing messages, and be ministered to personally. Held yearly in the month of October in central Florida, THRIVE is the event that you want to attend with EVERY woman and teen girl that you know! There are breakout sessions for women in ministry, teen girls, young adult women, and more! (Registration Required for this Event. Click here to download the October 8-10, 2020 registration form.)